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october 2006
Photographic reports by Johannes Odé

Photojournalist from The Netherlands
Countries visited:
Afghanistan (1973, 2002, 2006), Bangladesh (2001,2005), India (1972 - 2004), Mongolia (1999), Nepal (1986, 2004), Sri lanka (1997 - 2003), Thailand (1991,1996), Uzbekistan and Kirgistan (1998),  West-China (1991)
Macedonia (2004), Israel (1966,1967), Turkey (2000, 2002),
Cabo Verde(2004), Egypt (1999), Ethiopia (1996), Madagascar (1994), Mali (2004), Nigeria (2005), Rwanda (2003), Senegal (2006), Tchad (2003),
Bolivia (2005), Brasil (2001, 2005), Cuba (2005), Peru (2006), Netherlands Antilles (2000)
My most recent travels (2006) have been to:
Peru, Senegal,
Afghanistan and Pakistan

pictures will follow
In 2005 I made reports in
Nigeria,Bangladesh,Bolivia, Brazil and Cuba
pictures will folow
In 2004 I made reports in
Nepal, India and Mali
pictures will follow
In 2003 I made reports in
Rwanda, Macedonia, Tchad
pictures will follow
Kabul , May 2006                                 © Johannes Odé/Kerkinactie
September 2002

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       Cabo  verde
     Februari-March 2004
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July 2002
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Water issue
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Children portraits
Since more than 25 years
I have made photographic reports and stories for the Children Magazine Samsam. Samsam is distributed to
all the schoolchildren
age 9-14  in The Netherlands and to Dutch speaking
children overseas.

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Sorry, the site is in Dutch.
Children Portraits
Pictures made in Asia and Africa
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Filmindustry Bollywood Bollywood
Indian Filmindustry
Report made in January-February 1998
in Mumbai (formerly Bombay)
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Ageing People
Ageing people
Pictures taken in Asia and Brazil
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None of my pictures may be printed, copied, or reproduced without prior agreement by the author
Netherlands Antilles
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Pictures made in december 2000
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CV of Johannes

Brasil 2001
south and north-east
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Nadam and Nomads
Xinjiang in West China
Hilltribe people in nrth Thailand
Sri Lanka
one year after the earthquake
Photographic report made in summer 2000
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Cotton production in Uzbekistan
a photographic report made
in september 1998

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Where the Aral Sea used to be
Pictures made in Uzbekistan in 1998
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Afghanistan 1973
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World wide Governments