CV Johannes Odé


Johannes Odé (Amsterdam 12 may 1945)

Graduated in Architecture at the Technical University Delft, with specialisation on housing and urban issues in developing countries.


From 1977 onwards he has travelled as a freelance photographer and journalist to non-western countries, where he does reports for publications, audio-visuals and exhibitions.


He has visited India more than twenty times! Furthermore he has made reports in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chad, Cuba, Western-China, Ethiopia, Egypt, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Mali, Macedonia, Mongolia,

Netherlands’s Antilles, Nepal, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey and Thailand.


Much of his work is published in the children’s magazine Samsam. Furthermore his reports and photographs have been published in Dutch newspapers and magazines, publications of the Ministry of Development Cooperation, Unicef, Non-Governmental Organisations and Educational Institutes and in exhibitions of Dutch Ethnographic Museums.


A small selection of photo’s and some articles can be found on his website:



Johannes Odé is member of the Dutch Association of Photojournalists (NVF)




Johannes Odé

Schoonoordstraat 19-D
3036  XE   Rotterdam

The Netherlands

sms: +31 06 3000 1949