Having visited Afghanistan in 1973, I returned in September 2002 to a country that had been extremely affected by 23 years of civil war.
In 2002  two millions of refugees returned and many girls and boys went to school for the first time of their lives. Thanks to the assistance of  Unicef Kabul  I was able to do reports on returned refugees, school children and teachers, villagers and families living in the ruins of the city of Kabul. Several publications have been made by Unicef, The Royal Tropical Institute and the Children’s Magazine Samsam (a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands).
Some background information on Afghanistan is provided on the website of Samsam (in Dutch).
Afghanistan 2002
Photographic Report
by Johannes Odé
september 2002
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Teruggekeerde vluchtelingen
in  Kinderen Eerst ,
Unicef, noember 2002
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